Espa Silen 100M

Product ID 00800034
Brand Espa
Capacity 18 m3/h @ 8 mwk
Voltage 1x230V
Height in mm 319
Frequency 50 Hz
Characteristics Zelfaanzuigend
Maximum head in mwc 17
Maximum discharge head in bar 1.7
Maximum flow in L/min 350
Capacity in m3/h at 5 mwc 20
Capacity in m3/h at 10 mwc 16
Article number factory X1711001
Type / Model Silen
Power in Kw 0,75
Breedte in mm 238
Lengte in mm 495
The Silen series from Espa is a series of self-priming, plastic pumps and are designed for pool applications. These pumps are extremely suitable for continuous pumping of liquids with dissolved chemicals. The pumps are provided with a filter for coarse particles and is built to a pump case. The pumps are suitable in situations when big amounts have to be pumped en for the use in ponds and streams. Available in one-phase and three-pase version.

  • Pools Zwembaden
  • Water with chemical elements
  • High flow installations
  • Recycling of water with chlorine mixtures
  • Garden sprinkling
  • Ponds and streams

Suitable for clean and lightly polluted liquids.
Equipped with an IE2 motor.
Keywords: Zwembadpomp, poolpump, frequentiegeregelde zwembadpomp, Silen plus
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