Espa Nox 25 6M (former Niper 2 400M)

Espa Nox 25 6M (former Niper 2 400M)
Espa Nox 25 6M (former Niper 2 400M)
Espa Nox 25 6M (former Niper 2 400M)
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Product ID 00800051
Brand Espa
Voltage 1x230V
Height in mm 262
Frequency 50 Hz
Characteristics Kunststof
Maximum head in mwc 9.6
Maximum flow in L/min 150
Capacity in m³/h at 1 mwc 9
Capacity in m3/h at 4 bar 7.5
Capacity in m3/h at 6 mwc 6
Capacity in m3/h at 8 mwk 4.5
Capacity in m3/h at 9 mwc 3
Capacity in m3/h at 10 mwc 1.5
Article number factory 77203180 1784001
Type / Model Niper
Power in Kw 0,18
Breedte in mm 204
Lengte in mm 405
Small, powerful pump, which is perfect for water recirculation of small ground pools. Possibly in combination with a sand or hair filter. The pump has a built-in front filter to filter the biggest parts up front.

Pump case, foot, and impeller in technopolymer.
Shaft in RVS AISI 420.
Mechanical seal in graphite alumina.
Motor housing in aluminum.

Asynchronous 2-pole.
Isolation class F.
Protection IP55.
Built-in thermal protection.

Couplings for suction and discharge pipes 32 en 38 mm.
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