Pedrollo JSWm/2B

Pedrollo JSWm/2B
Pedrollo JSWm/2B
Pedrollo JSWm/2B
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Product ID 03800017
Brand Pedrollo
Height in mm 201
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum head in mwc 42
Type / Model JSWm
Material pump part Gietijzer
Power in Kw 0,90
Breedte in mm 180
Lengte in mm 402
Max. druk in bar 6.5
Materiaal waaier Messing
Waaier type Open
This pump is suitable for use with clean water and liquids that are not chemically agressive towards the materials. The self-priming JSW pumps are designed to pump water even in cases where air is present. As a result of their reliability and user-friendliness, they are recommended in domestic applications such as distribution of water in combination with small/medium sized pressure sets, and for irrigation of gardens and allotments.

High head ensures a high flow rate even at lower heads.
Keywords: Waterpomp, tuinberegening
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