Calpeda NGM 3/A

Calpeda NGM 3/A
Calpeda NGM 3/A
Calpeda NGM 3/A
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Product ID 01600077
Brand Calpeda
Voltage 1x230V
Frequency 50 Hz
Characteristics Zelfaanzuigend
Maximum head in mwc 49
Maximum flow in L/min 50
Connection 1
Type / Model NGM
Connection in inch 1
Material pump part Gietijzer
Power in Kw 0,55
Vermogen in HP 0,75
Materiaal waaier Messing
Waaier type Gesloten
Max. Uitgang stroom in A 4,5
Calpeda NG(M) self priming Jet pumps in cast iron.
suitable for drawing water outr of a well.

For clean liquids or slightly dirty surface water.
For garden use.
For washing with a jet of water,
Keywords: Zelfaanzuigende Jetpomp
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