Brinkmann TA160/200-56 special version

Product ID 00500069
Brand Brinkmann
Voltage 3x400V
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum head in mwc 11
Maximum flow in L/min 260
Type / Model TA
Connection in inch 1┬╝
Material pump part Gietijzer
Amperage 1,4A
Power in Kw 0,85
Materiaal waaier Kunststof
Waaier type Open
Pump with the impeller fitted on the driving shaft extension. It is mounted on top of the container, the pump extension being immersed in the coolant. The maximum coolant level must stay a few mm/inches below the mounting flange. Immersion depth is 200 mm. The special version means a 0,85 Kw motor. Besides, this model replaces TB160/200-56.

The pump can be used for coolants and cooling/cutting oils applications.

Pump body: cast iron
Cover: POM
Impeller: POM
Shaft: steel
Keywords: Brinkmann, TA serie, TA160/200, dompelpomp, insteekpomp, diepte
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