Jung sewage lifting station Compli 1035/2 BW

Product ID 03000111
Brand Pentair
Voltage 3x400V
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum head in mwc 17
Article number factory JP09462
Max particle passage size in mm 70
Type / Model Compli 1000
Material pump part Gietijzer
Cable length in meters 4
Power in Kw 4,00
Geleverd met vlotter Ja
Materiaal waaier Gietijzer
Waaier type Vortex
Jung Compli 1035/2 BW
Sewage lifting station
Motor: 4,0kW 3x400V 50Hz
Capacity: 21-85m³/h @ 17-1mWk
Free passage: 70mm
Connection: DN80
Including: 4 meter cable

With their performance graduations, the compli 1000 disposal units have been designed for use in detached houses, in several residential units or in commercial buildings. During the design work, special attention was given to easy handling, space-saving erection and uncomplicated installation.

The submersible unit is permitted for general use in areas subject to flooding. The control unit has to be fitted in a well ventilated flood-proof room.

The PE tank has freely accessible drains, a cleaning opening at the top and and a clamp-type inlet flange for an installation. The inlet height can be variegated according to the feeding pipe:
• DN 100: 180-205 mm (left), 250-300 mm
(center) and 290-340 mm (right), each
continuously adjustable
• DN 150/DN 50: 180 mm (left), 275 mm
(center) and 315 mm (right)

For the connection of a DN 100 feeding pipe a reducer DN 150/100 is enclosed. The tank has vertical inlet in DN 150 or DN 100. If not in use, the rear inlet must be closed with the plug set DN 150 (accessory).

The vortex impeller of the pump offers the safety you can rely on. Duplex systems have two pump units on one tank which are switched alternately or, if and when required, they are operated both in order to cope with peak load or reserve operation.
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