FIPS FGa 80.4,2-4 / 180.34

FIPS FGa 80.4,2-4 / 180.34
€ 2.561,38 ex vat
€ 3.099,27 inc vat
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Product ID 08000012
Brand Fips
Voltage 3x400V
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum head in mwc 12,1
Max particle passage size in mm 68
Type / Model FGa
Power in Kw 4,2
The anti-clogging vortex impeller pumps are designed to pump a wide range of contaminated liquids with solids in suspension up to 100mm. The standard cast iron models are used to adapt many wastewater treatment applications to pump contaminated and waste liquids containing large-sized solids into heavy, raw and fermented sludge. The hydraulic components or the complete pump unit can be made of special materials for industrial applications.
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