FEIT hydrophore AM992I/24I (24Volt)

Product ID 00300003
Brand Feit
Voltage 24 volt
Height in mm 540
Maximum head in mwc 35
Maximum discharge head in bar 3,5
Maximum flow in L/min 60
Article number factory 086051
Type / Model AM992I
Material pump part RVS316
Power in Kw 0,37
Breedte in mm 290
Lengte in mm 560
Vermogen in HP 0,25
Materiaal waaier Messing
The AM SERIES of automatic operating autoclaves are pumping and lifting units with a pressure tank, suited to being installed on crafts of any type and size and in homes and supply water under pressure to the different points of use such as showers, taps, boilers, etc.

The sets consist of a self priming pump with direct or alternating current, which takes the water from the storage tank or from a well through a non return valve located on the intake pipe, which prevents the water, with the pump stopped, to flow back into the tank. The manometer and the pressure switch that control the intervention and detachment of the pump, as well as the pressure tank, which appropriates the water reserve to then distribute it when a tap is opened, are connected to the pump outlet by way of a special fitting.

Additional tanks can be "teed" into the delivery lines to increase the water reserves, lowering the number of pump interventions.
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