DAB Aquajet Inox 112M 230V

DAB Aquajet Inox 112M 230V
DAB Aquajet Inox 112M 230V
DAB Aquajet Inox 112M 230V
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Product ID 01400047
Brand Dab
Voltage 1x230V
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum head in mwc 60
Capacity in m3/h at 4 bar 2
Article number factory 60141886
Type / Model Aquajet Inox
Material pump part RVS304
Amperage 6,2
Power in Kw 1
Materiaal waaier Kunststof
Waaier type Gesloten
he Dab Aquajet series is often used for domestic use, garden irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Liquids should be clean and not agressive.

The unit has a self-priming function: it pulls the water from a source and the pressure vessels ensures continuous pressure on your system, adding water where necessary.

The unit is equipped with a Jet (or Jetinox for stainless steel version), pressure switch, pressure gauge and the connection between the pressure vessel and the pump is already assembled.

The 20 liters horizontal tank with internal single diagram esnsures a long life time. A bracket is included for easy installation.

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