Dab E.sytwin kiwa

Dab E.sytwin kiwa
Dab E.sytwin kiwa
Dab E.sytwin kiwa
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Product ID 01400025
Brand Dab
Voltage 1x230V
Height in mm 730
Frequency 50 Hz
Characteristics Zelfaanzuigend
Maximum head in mwc 65
Maximum discharge head in bar 6
Maximum flow in L/min 210
Capacity in m3/h at 3 bar 9.5
Capacity in m3/h at 2 bar 10.5
Capacity in m3/h at 4 bar 7.5
Capacity in m3/h at 5 bar 6
Capacity in m3/h at 6 bar 3
Article number factory 60165877
Type / Model Esybox
Breedte in mm 358
Lengte in mm 752
E.sybox is the most complete and user-friendly system on the market of electronic pump systems for applications in individual and collective housing. DAB has developed frequency driven (controlled) pump system by bringing together their knowledge and experience on the market of pump technology and electronics. The E.sybox is a unique product, is efficient, compact, versatile and very user-friendly. It is possible to expand the use to 8 systems with the E.sytwin.

This version is equipped with pressure protection in order to keep the water from the pipes and prevents e.g. the situation your neighbour does not have water supply anymore. Use of two E.syboxes gives a bigger capacity and more certainty by the built-in backup function: water supply keeps in operation when one of the pumps fails. The boxes can communicate wireless with each other to work as efficient as possible. Possible error signals will be collected by the communication module and send to the management system.

  • The characteristics and design of the E.sybox make the system versatile and suitable for many applications.
  • Due to frequency control, the system will operate optimal in all situations.
  • The installation can be installed horizontally as well as vertically, which makes it possible to use the available space as efficient as possible and savings can be reached till 30% in comparison to conventional systems.
  • The E.sybox is quiet and with a noise production of only 45 dB at average capacity barely audible.
  • E.sybox is a completely integrated system where the hydraulic components are controlled by a completely programmable inverter.
  • Every part is designed to ensure maximum performance and miniumum energy consumption.
  • The new designed frequency control ensures constant pressure in the system in relation to the desired amount of water.
  • Application of frequency control reduces noise production, vibration and energy consumption in high means, which reduces costs for use and maintenance.

Dab E.sybox Frequency driven and pressure boosting system, self-priming.
Capacity: 0,6 - 4,8 m³/h.
Pressure: free to adjust, till approximately 5 bars.
Very quiet working of approximately 45 dB by an water cooled engine.
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