Dab E.sytank

Dab E.sytank
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Product ID 01400078
Brand Dab
Capacity 400 Liter
Height in mm 1632
Article number factory 60161819
Type / Model Esybox
Breedte in mm 595
Lengte in mm 870
De E.sytank can be used to store drinking water. Besides, it can be used as installation mechanism to interrupt the water supply in the pipe lines when the application does not apply to drinking water for domestic use, like water for cattle, garden irrigation, irrigation and swimming pools.

The tank is specifically produced to integrate with the E.sybox and is equipped with:

  • E.sydock (speciale version) for fast connection
  • suction with check valve
  • built-in float switch
  • overflow
  • power connection
  • preparation for possible assembly on ground
  • inspection hatch

Capacity 440 liters with possibility to expand on 3 sides.
Keywords: Breektank, onderbrekingsinstallatie
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