Hydrovar HV2.015 M3-5 B-1000-G-1-V Master 1,5kW

Product ID 00700090
Brand Hydrovar
Voltage 1x230V
Height in mm 170
Article number factory 700012501NL
Type / Model HV2
Power in Kw 1,50
Breedte in mm 200
Lengte in mm 187
Max. Uitgang stroom in A 7
Hydrovar is a pump-mounted variable speed, microprocessor-based system controller, and was the world’s first of its type to manage motor speed and match pump performance to a range of hot and cold water applications. The biggest advantage is saving energy: the pump delivers exactly what is necessary at the moment, which can save energy up to 80%.

Basic funtions of Hydrovar:
  • Regulating continuous pressure
  • The desired pressure is set by the user. The Hydrovar adjusts the speed of the pump to the desired output and keeps the system pressure at its level.
  • Regulating based on system curve
  • The user can adjust the pressure in the system to compensate its resistance. The user can enter an increase in pressure in the system in a percentage at maximum speed and capacity, and when the system needs to start the compensation.
  • Regulating based on constant capacity
  • The user enters the desired capacity in the system. When the capacity varies, the Hydrovar adjusts the pressure to keep the capacity constant.

Besides, the Hydrovar is able to:
  • Shut the pump off when there is no demand for capacity. De pomp uit schakelen als er geen capaciteit gevraagd wordt.
  • Protect the pump against overcharging, overheating and above/under voltage peeks.
  • Vary the speed during starting and ending (soft start technology)
  • Correct a higher resistance in the system by higher capacities automatically.
  • Display in different languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
  • *Communicate with other hydrovars or compurters via RS 485 interface.

The wall mount bracket is sold separately.
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