Dab Active Driver PLUS T/T 5.5

Product ID 01450049
Brand Dab
Size discharge port in inch 1½ F
Article number factory 30170715
Voltage in 3x400V
Voltage out 3x400V
Type / Model Active driver PLUS
Power in Kw 5,5
Max. druk in bar 1-13 instelbaar
Max. Uitgang stroom in A 13,3
Ø Zuig in inch 1¼ M
Dab Active Driver PLUS T/T 5.5
Max. power 5,5 kW
Max. current 13,3A
Imput voltage 3x400V, Output voltage 3x400V
Adjustment: 1 - 13 bar

The Active Driver PLUS is a completely integrated pump control system with speed control, pressure sensor and flow sensor in one module. The system ensures constant pressure, also at varying water consumption.
The Active Driver with built-in EMC-filter is equipped with an easy to use display, where all parameters can be seen and adjusted.
Its system is equipped with a protection system, which signals operation defaults and can stop the pump dependent on the nature of the default.

Benefits for the use of this system:
  • Comfort increase
  • Quiet working
  • Compact
  • Energy saving (by means of frequency control)
  • Prevents water hammer
  • Longer life time of the pump
  • Easy to install

The system protects against:
  • Dry-running pump (automatic restart)
  • Overcharing of motor (ampèrometris)
  • Overheating of electronics
  • Deviations in power supply voltage

Advised maximum capacity is 15 m3/h.
With exception of type Active Driver PLUS M/M 1.1, the Active Drivers can be connected for cooperation in a multi-pump system.
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