Mac 3 Key float switch 0,5m cable

Mac 3 Key float switch 0,5m cable
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Product ID 51500104
Brand Mac 3
Voltage 1x230V
Article number factory PTV24010
Cable length in meters 0,5
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The ball float switches from Mac are extremely reliable and can be applied in many situations. The float switch works by means of a little ball, which makes or breaks the contact dependent on the position of the float switch. The float switch activates or deactivates the pump at a desired liquid level. Because of this switching possibility, the float switch can be used in combination with a pump to fill or drain the liquid.

The Mac 3 is suitable for clean or lightly contaminated water. The Mac 5 series is more suitable for dirtwater (waste water).

The float switches included a H07RNF cable.
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