Wellmate WM 750L

Product ID 50500068
Brand WellMate
Diameter in mm 760
Height in mm 2060
Characteristics Verticaal
Maximum fluid temperature in °C 38
Article number factory WM750L
Type / Model WM
Connection in inch 2
Max. druk in bar 10
Content in litres 750
Fiberglass reinforced, plastic pressure vessels with interchangeable bladder. Suitable for clean, non-aggressive water. In comparison to conventional vessels, air is located in the air cell (bladder). This system avoids a pull out of the bladder and extends the life time.

The applications for these types reach from pressurized water or pressure booster systems with centrifugal pumps or submerged pumps till keeping an irrigation system under pressure.

The HDPGE inner liner is reinforced with glass fiber and epoxy resin.
Polyetherurethane interchangeable bladder (aircell) with the same dimensions as the vessel.
Reinforced polymer foot and shock proof.
Totally corrosion free, light and easy to move.

  • Maximum pressure: 8 bars (10 bars for the 600 t/m 1000 liter vessels).
  • Maximum temperature water: 38 degrees of Celcius.
  • Maximum chlorine content: 5 ppm.
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