GWS C2-lite C2B-80LV

GWS C2-lite C2B-80LV
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Brand C2-Lite CAD
Diameter in mm 418
Height in mm 852
Characteristics Verticaal
Precharge pressure in bar 1,4
Maximum fluid temperature in °C 60
Article number factory C2B-80LV
Type / Model C2-lite
Connection in inch 1
Max. druk in bar 10
Content in litres 80
Suitable for a wide range of applications including pressure boosting, irrigation and various cold and hot water systems.


The C2-lite tanks are lightweight, completely stainless and easy to install. These tanks do not have a separate air-permeable membrane, but a patented dubbel diaphragm technology. The patented diaphragm is stronger and will not wear out. It consists of 100% butyl diaphragm with precision molded polypropylene copolymer basis for separation of water and air. The tanks are completed with durable fiberglassed and finished with epoxy.

Technical data

Maximum working pressure: 10 bars
Maximum temperature water: 60 ?C
Standard pressure:1,4 bars

5 Years of warranty!
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