Jung drainage pump U6K DS 4m

Jung drainage pump U6K DS 4m
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Product ID 03000060
Brand Pentair
Voltage 3x400V
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum head in mwc 9
Article number factory JP00229
Max particle passage size in mm 20
Type / Model U6K
Material pump part RVS304
Cable length in meters 4
Power in Kw 0,55
Geleverd met vlotter Ja
Materiaal waaier Kunststof
Waaier type Vortex
Jung U6K DS 4m
Plastic submersible pump with stainless steel shaft
Motor: 0,55kW 3x400V 50Hz
Capacity: 1,5 - 15,5 m³/h @ 9 - 1 mwk
Connection: 1¼ outlet
Including: 4 meter cable
Startlevel ca. 270mm., stoplevel ca. 170mm.

The U6K range of pumps is suitable for stationairy and portable use. It can be used as a drainage pump for mildly contaminated waste and ground water, in sumps with rain water, drainage or seepage water, silage liquor and also liquid manure. The hig quality mechanical seal also makes the pump suitable for extracting abrasive media.

In stationairy use the U6K ES/DS removes the waste water from domestic appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines (also high temperature). The guide rail system GR 32 offers all the advatages of fast and easy maintenance. The Jung ready-to-install collecting tanks extend the options for installation and use.

For supporting sewage water with heavy pollution we recommend the US series. Especially for the transportable use, in building site areas for example, the building pumps UB should be used.

If centrifugal submersible pumps are used outdoors, only a pump with 10 cable without extension cable may be used in acoordance with the VDE Regulation 0100.

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