Tellarini Hydrophore GA24Jet (24 Volt)

Product ID 05700001
Brand Tellarini
Voltage 24 volt
Characteristics Zelfaanzuigend
Maximum head in mwc 36
Maximum discharge head in bar 3,6
Maximum flow in L/min 61
Article number factory 1029
Connection 1
Type / Model GA24JET
Connection in inch 1
Material pump part RVS304
Amperage 19A
Power in Kw 0,60
Vermogen in HP 0,7
Max. druk in bar 3,6
Materiaal waaier Kunststof
This GA24Jet hydrophore set from the GA series come with a tank in painted steel. It has a 24 volt ECC Jet pump.

Some (material) data:
* Jet pump: SS304
* Pressure vessel: steel coat, 20 liters volume
* Revolutions per minute: 2350
* Pump in: 1,5 bar
* Pump uit: 2,5 bar

Some applications:
* Booster units on board of a ship
* Booster units for cottages
* Can be connected to a battery
Keywords: Tellarini, hydrofoor, GA serie, 24Jet, 24Volt, 20 liter tank
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