Duratech heat pump A10

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Product ID 50000065
Brand JWR
Voltage 1x230V
Height in mm 580
Power in Kw 10,00
Breedte in mm 370
Lengte in mm 1010
This Duratech heat pump is suitable for heating your swimming pool, jacuzzi or spa. The energy is collected from the air outside in an effiecient way and is transferred to the pool water, which makes this pump less harmful for the environment. It works even when the temeperature is below 0 degrees celcius. Besides, the gas that is used, R410a, has no harmful effect on the ozone layer. The pump needs to be installed outside and can heat the pool from april till october. The installation is easy to execute.
Keywords: Duratech warmtepomp A10, zwembad, water
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