P2000 wet end 4 kW with prefilter without motor Pahlen

Product ID 02000002
Brand Pahlen
Maximum head in mwc 15
Maximum discharge head in bar 1.5
Article number factory 514392LM
Type / Model P2000
Material pump part Brons
Power in Kw 4
Ø Pers in inch 2.5
Ø Zuig in inch 3
It is important to select a suitable pump when you have to reach a good filtration and filtering of your pool. These Pahlen pool pumps are extremely suitable for almost all swimming pools. They are made of bronze and thus are corrosion free. The pumps are equipped with a big filter to catch leaves and insects for example. The filter has a removable filter basket for easy cleaning. The pump has a bronze impeller on a acid-resistant, stainless steel shaft and is easily accessible for maintenance, without the need for disconnecting the pipes and fittings.

Be aware: this is only the pump part. The engine still needs to be connected to this product. If you want a pump and a motor together, we will refer to the product "Pahlen with or without prefilter".
Keywords: Zwembadpomp,brons
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