Espa Silen Plus 3M with frequencyconverter

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Brand Espa
Capacity 33 m3/h @ 10 mwk
Voltage 1x230V
Height in mm 334
Maximum head in mwc 22
Maximum discharge head in bar 2.2
Maximum flow in L/min 650
Article number factory 200519
Type / Model Silen plus
Power in Kw 2,70
Breedte in mm 268
Lengte in mm 623.5
Ø Pers in inch 2 3/4
Ø Zuig in inch 2 3/4
Espa SilenPlus series

The biggest example of efficiency and sustainability.

SilenPlus supplyments the Espa pool pump with a frequency converter. This ensures a strong innovation at applications for energy-efficient pool installations.
The Evopool system ensures a better pool pump control. This becomes even more easy with the included app for your Iphone or Android phone.

  • Extremely quiet in operation – 45 db
  • Higher efficiency, better filter cycle
  • High performance backwashing
  • Automation of filter systems for pools
  • Minimalization of energy and costs
  • Security system / dry-running protection
  • Easy to install and operate

De Evopool app enables you to:
  • A user-friendly manual for the pump Gebruiksvriendelijke handbediening van de pomp
  • A timer with a week programming
  • Consultation of pump parameters
  • An energy and water saving calculator

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