Franklin 4" underwater engine 3 kW FE Canned 3x400V + 1,5m cable with flat connector

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Product ID 06300005
Brand Franklin
Voltage 3x400V
Frequency 50 Hz
Article number factory B.06.810
Type / Model 4"
Cable length in meters 1,5
Power in Kw 3,0
Franklin 3P engine 3kW 4"
3 x 400V
Power: 3kW - 4hp
Including: 1,5m cable with flat connector

Franklin Electric engines are highly sought-after engines for the Dutch target group and a conscious choice for anyone looking for a reliable maintenance-free source pump. The Franklin Electric engines are maintenance-free and made for long life and continuous operation such as for example a geothermal installation. The engine is filled with a special FES93 fluid that protects the engine to -40°C storage temperature. A special diaphragm ensures pressure compensation in the engine. Franklin Electric has various types of reliable 4" and 6" engines that are very suitable for source pumps.
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