Astral Victoria Dual Speed 2,5 hp 230V

Product ID 01000020
Brand Astral
Voltage 1x230V
Frequency 50 Hz
Characteristics Zelfaanzuigend
Maximum head in mwc 20
Article number factory 45708
Connection Ø75 mm.
Type / Model Victoria Dual Speed
Power in Kw 1,85
Vermogen in HP 2,5
This Dual speed pump will save energy and reduce noise!
The low speed of the pump is characterized by a reduction of 75% of the noise and a 60% energy savings in comparison with pumps at a fixed speed.
The high speed is recommended for cleaning and rinsing operations, shock treatments and intensive use, while the low speed is particularly useful for filtration.
Water can overnight be filtered to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates.

The dual-speed VICTORIA pump is available in a power range 1-2.5 horsepower and is fully interchangeable with the Victoria, VICTORIA PLUS and SPRINT pumps.
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