Atlas Copco Weda D70L Low head Y/D start

Product ID 09100035
Brand Weda
Maximum head in mwc 32
Size discharge port in inch 6
Max particle passage size in mm 7
Type / Model 70
Power in Kw 11,8
Atlas Copco Weda 70 Low head Y/D start
Electric submersible pump
Motor: 11,8kW 400V 23A
Capacity: Qmax. 285 m³/h | Hmax. 32 m
Free passage: 7mm
Connection: 6" discharge

De Weda + series includes all the features that customers can expect from existing. Advantages of new functions that have been developed ensure high efficiency, simplified maintenance and increased capacity. All models include rotation control and phase failure protection. This ensures that the pump stops when there is a phase failure and prevents the rotor from turning the opposite direction.
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