About Jansen Pompentechniek BV

Jansen Pompentechniek BV (Pump- & Water supplies) carries the widest and most complete assortment of pumps in The Netherlands since 1996. That is almost 20 years of experience!! Jansen Pompentechniek is a renowned business with quality and service as its top priority and resonates in everything we do.

Being specialised towards technical water  supply systems automatically brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table when you choose us to be your partner in your pump, irrigation system and wastewater pumping station projects, as well as numerous other pump related application projects.

We serve the private market but focus mainly on the B2B market which include several Industrial markets such as the natural stone, paper and food processing industries.

Besides the selling, installing and maintaining of pumps, systems and Industrial components we can give advice which pump or solution is the best fit for your unique situation.

In short: Jansen Pompentechniek BV is a service business that puts the customer needs first and thus adds great value for you.